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5/215 Pitt Street | Merrylands, NSW 2160 | (02) 8677 5060

Tasty Mediterranean food - one of the best Merrylands Restaurants in Sydney

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"Merrylands finest Restaurant. Bring to you the best-tasting flavours from the Middle East and the Mediterranean in one of best Merrylands Sydney Restaurants

Modern & Traditional Mediterranean Restaurant Cuisine

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"Ya Hala" Welcome to Brimo's Cafe & Restaurant, an Authentic Italian & Mediterranean Restaurant in Sydney, Located in the heart of Merrylands, this restaurant is more than just dining.

Brimo's is an experience, Enjoy the best in Mediterranean cuisine in an atmosphere true to the Mediterranean culture. From the exceptional service, decor and secret ingredients of timeless recipes, Brimo's blends modern design with originality straight from the Middle East.

Brimo's Restaurant offers signature dishes made fresh daily with premium quality ingredients. Our kitchen boasts the use of fresh vegetables, grains and bold spices within our cooking, that you can really identify and taste.

We pride ourselves on our all-natural menu with gluten-free choices that's authentic and choked with flavor. Inspired by family recipes in the Middle East and perfected in Sydney, Brimo's restaurant in Merrylands is a delectable, healthy food option on-the-go.

Mediterranean Dining Experience in Sydney

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Mediterranean food celebrates life with dishes that are diverse, invigorating, and full of flavour.

Brimos's Restaurant offers its guests a warm and comfortable atmosphere where you can simply enjoy the friendly service and the company of your friends while indulging in delicious, fresh and authentic Mediterranean & Middle Eastern food.

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Our Chef infuses every dish he creates with his extensive knowledge, creativity and passion for perfection.

We are committed to serving only the finest foods, made with the freshest ingredients. Our inviting atmosphere and warm ambiance create a memorable dining experience.

Make Your Event Memorable

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Birthdays, anniversaries, new jobs, promotions, national holidays, graduations, engagements… Let’s face it, there’s almost always an excuse to celebrate. And regardless of your culture or the occasion, food often plays a big part. We catering for all your occasions.

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We proud to mention that we tend here to stay! within the past number of years we've established a name among the locals. If you’re looking for a different and exciting food experience, discover Brimo's Cafe & Restaurant in Merryland Sydney, NSW!

"tasting flavors from the Middle East and the Mediterranean!"